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The 3th China (Inner Mongolia) Import and Export Commodities Fair

International purchasing Order week in 2017

November 7th – 13th , 2017


一、主题: Theme

进口名品·汇聚青城   Global brand, gather in the green city


二、组织机构  Organizational institution

主办单位:Host unit


China international chamber of commerce Inner Mongolia chamber of commerce


Hohhot Municipal Bureau of Commerce


CCPIT Hohhot Committee


Hohhot Daily Newspaper


Hohhot radio and television station


Yatai (international) Trade & Exhibition group

承办单位:Undertaking unit


Asia Pacific East of Inner Mongolia Exhibition co., LTD  

协办单位:Co Organizer


Kaohsiung World Trade Exhibition Association


Mongolia chamber of Commerce


三、展会时间:2017年11月 7日~11月13日

Date:  Novemberl 7th –  13th, 2017



Venue: Inner Mongolia international conference and exhibition center, Hohhot, China


五、展会简介 introduce of the Exhibition


The first two session of China(Inner Mongolia) Import and Export Commodities Fair held successfully in Hohhot,the capital city of Inner Mongolia. Representatives from  Russia,Mongolia, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, America,Hong Kong and Macao participated the fair. There were more than 50000 domestic and foreign products gathered in this fair.


When president Xi Jingping visited Central Asia and Southeast Asian countries in September 2013 and October, he respectively proposed the strategic concept of building the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century”.With the way the strategy is major concept of a new world economic order to build win-win cooperation between the great Midwest narrowing the development gap,the formation of regional economic integration development pattern,from the pattern of development is not balanced,the great historical opportunity to expand the opening up strategy space.


To conscientiously implement the “The Belt and Road”of Asian economic strategic positioning, the implementation of the the Party Central committee and the State Council will make Inner Mongolia opening up the country to the north and the important national energy and resources continuously, industrial agglomeration area of the bridgehead, build national culture, grassland ecology, manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, networking and intelligent, the use of big data economic cooperation, such as omnidirectional multi industy,wide area,large depth,three-dimensional exteernal cooperation and integration of the new situation, the Asia Pacific East of Inner Mongolia Exhibition co., LTD. In Novemberl 7th –  13th, 2017 in Inner Mongolia International Exhibithion Center held the 2017 session of the third China (Inner Mongolia)import and export commodities fair. With an exhibition area of 10000square meters, there are more than 350 exhibitiors and and 200 thousand professional visiters .Based on the import and export commodities market on Inner Mongolia, we have created a professional,high-end, high-quality and authoritative display platform.


六、展会特点 Exhibition Features



Inner Mongolia has a good foundation to form a more perfect “in Belt and Road Initiative”streategy, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2014 issued a “strengthening exchanges and cooperation with Russia and Mongolia’s opinion”,deepening comprehensive cooperation between China and Mongolia, and the promotion of foreign trade and port devenlopment ,foreign trade amounted to more than two consecutive years of tens of billions of dollars.In 2014,Inner Mongolia’s import and export to Russia accounted for 21% of Inner Mongolia’s toal import and export value during the same period, and Russia has become the second largest trading nation in Inner Mongolia.It provides a solid foundation for the construction and development of Inner Mongolia in”The Belt and Road”strategy.

Therefore, Asia Pacific East of Inner Mongolia Exhibition co., LTD will continue to lift the The 3th China (Inner Mongolia) Import Commodities Fair.The Expo to further expand opening up,promote the innovayion of system and mechanism,the formation of all-round,multi-level and wide-ranging opening pattern.

International purchasing Order week in 2017


七、地域优势 Regional advantage

内蒙古地处中国北疆,是中国“一带一路”战略中通联俄、蒙的重要节点,境内二连口岸(中国对蒙最大陆路口岸)和满洲里口岸(中国对俄最大陆路口岸)为出入境通道的两条欧亚通道已运营多年,承载着欧亚大陆间重要的货运任务,同时呼和浩特市是内蒙古自治区首府,是除了天津、石家庄外距离首都最近的城市,自然资源丰富,有中国乳都之称,“伊利” 、“蒙牛”两大国内知名乳业品牌,已形成了呼市最具活力的乳业产业链条。呼和浩特市拥有为数众多的博物馆与文化史迹,是北上草原、西行大漠、南观黄河、东眺京津的重要旅游城市。

Inner Mongolia is located in the Northern of China, it is the important  point to connect to Russia, Mongolia in regard to China’s "neighbourhood" strategy. The Erenhot domestic land port (China’s largest land port to Monglia) and the Manchurian land port (Russia's largest land port to China) has been operating for many years as the entry and exit channels, it is also a takes a important role on transportation between Europe and Asia. Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is the closest cities to Beijing besides Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, With rich natural resources, it famous as Dairy city because of the two Chinese well-known dairy product brand "Yili" and "Mengniu", this has formed a dynamic dairy industry chain in China. Hohhot has several historic museum and culture legacy, North to desert, west to grassland, south to Yellow River, east to Beijing and Tianjin, it makes Hohhot a great tourist city.


八、宣传推广Publicity and promotion

电视电台媒体     内蒙古电视台、 内蒙古广播电台、呼和浩特广播电视台、土默特左旗广播电台等;

TV and Broadcast  Inner Mongolia TV Station, Inner Mongolia Broadcast Station, Hohhot Broadcast and TV Station, Tumotezuoqi Broadcast Station etc. 

平 面 媒  体     北方新报、呼和浩特晚报、内蒙古晨报等;

The Press   Northern News Newspaper, Hohhot Evening Newspaper,

Inner Mongolia Morning Daily, etc.;

组团参观采购     组织各大商超采购部负责人前来订货、洽谈合作;

Groups   Senior managers from large supermarket or shopping center purchasing department to order products and talk over the business. 

网 络 媒  体     新华网、中国网、新浪网、腾讯网等;

Social Network   Xinhua.net, China.com, Sina, Tencent, etc.;

户 外  媒 体     市内街道路名牌媒体、公交车、过街天桥广告位、小区LED、户外悬臂广告、LED

Outdoor Advertisement  大屏、大量的印刷宣传品;  Bill Board, Buses, Overpasses, Communities LED, Outdoor advertising, LED screen and printing materials;

会场现场广告     彩虹门、空飘、彩旗、环保手提袋、海报、门票等;

Onsite Advertisment  Rainbow doors, air float, bunting, paper bags, posters, tickets, etc.;


九、同期活动 Other events

◎ 微商电商创业及经贸合作洽谈会

◎ 国际葡萄酒及烈酒品鉴会

Wechat & E-commerce Entrepreneurship and Economic Trade Cooperation Forum

The International Wine and Spirits Tasting Event



• 进口工艺商品、汽车、钟表、皮具、服饰等;

• 进口婴幼儿商品、玩具、书籍、孕婴日用品等;

• 进口家居商品、餐厨用品、生活用品卫浴用品等;

• 进口美容、美妆、养生、生物科技产品等;

• 进口食用油、橄榄油及粮油制品等;

• 进口糕点及烘焙食品、乳制品、奶制品、甜食、巧克力及休闲食品等;   

• 进口罐头、肉类制品及水产品、速冻、冷冻食品、冰激淋产品等;

• 进口烈酒、啤酒及葡萄酒、饮料、果汁、饮用水等;

• 出口商品:绿色、生态、有机产品,羊绒服装服饰、名族服饰等;

Exhibition scope:

• imported goods, arts and crafts boutique, watches and clocks, leather goods, clothing, etc.;

• to import baby goods, toys, books, daily necessities, etc.;

• import household goods, products for the kitchen supplies, sanitary ware, etc.;

• import beauty, beauty makeup, health, biotechnology products, etc.;

• import oil, olive oil and grain and oil products, etc.;

• import, pastry and bakery foods, dairy products, dairy products, egg products, sweets, chocolate, and snack food, etc.;

• import canned and aquatic products, meat products, quick-frozen, frozen foods, ice cream products, etc.;

• import liquor, beer and wine, beverage, fruit juice, drinking water and drinks, etc.;




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